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Company Profile

drDr. Espina received his BS in Physical Therapy from the University of Puerto Rico, followed by a MS in Sports Medicine from Illinois State University. He also earned a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of South Florida. He is a Blankenship System Certified Functional Capacity Evaluator since 1995, with over 4,000 FCE performed. Dr. Espina is solely dedicated to promoting the most reliable FCE in Puerto Rico. Dr. Espina’s also hast vast experience in depositions and legal court cases (local and federal), and his FCE reports are expressed in a legally sufficient and defensible manner.

As your proven partners in functional capacity assessment, we have the experience and skill to make sure that an assessment is done right. Our years of training ensure that an employee gets back to the work site the right time doing the right work, which in turn dramatically reduces the odds of re-injury. Our Functional Capacity Evaluation and IME network specialists  is comprise of one Occupational Medicine Physician (MRO), IME Orthopedist, IME Physiatrist and IME Psychiatrist with extensive medical background. All of our team members are completely certified in their specialties (CIME, ABIME, NADEP) and our FCE specialists are the only one in Puerto Rico certified in the Blankenship method & Blankenship Acu-Lift Isoinertial Lifting Program.

FCEC, Inc. Assessments

FCEC’s proven objective method takes the guesswork out of functional capacity assessment: Our staff has been using the Blankenship method in Puerto Rico since 1998. We have the experience to best use this complex and highly successful assessment tool. The Blankenship method is used by reputable companies throughout North America and Europe. It is based on the idea that results should be objective, accurate and repeatable. By objectively analyzing statistics, we can identify  worker’s participation level. This “Client Validity Determination” helps employers judge whether a client is ready for job conditioning, work hardening, or return to work. We can also provide musculoskeletal pre-employment assessment (NIOSH Protocol), so that injuries can be minimized in the first place.

FCEC, Inc. Goals

Our Functional Capacity Evaluations and rehabilitative goals are:

  • return your employees to work as soon as possible

  • reduce your organization’s rate of injury and re-injury

  • match the employee to the job

  • provide data that is legally sound

  • provide cost-effective support

  • provide a 99% success rate using our Blankenship methodology

Turn to FCEC, Inc. for your ability and disability evaluations were our fully qualified staff is dedicated to the individual’s health and successful reintegration into your workforce. Our many benefits include on-site and mobile assessments, as well a preventive care and rehabilitative partners.